Oh man, I need a life.

First three adjectives that come to mind when listening to this album:

Three favorite songs on album:
Oh Man
Sole Brother
At Home Now

I used to listen to CBC Radio 3 frequently. For some reason, I really related to Canadian indie rock (although I'm from Tennessee, so I'm not sure why). I related to the cold winters, apologetic attitudes, and edgy fashion sense (yes, I realize these are generalizations, but I mean them in the best I-wish-I-was-Canadian way possible). Back to my point...during this time, I discovered a handful of artists (most of whom I still follow). One such band was Born Ruffians. Their track, "I Need a Life," became an instant favorite of mine with its contagious guitar riffs, shouted background vocals, impeccable drumming and upbeat yet sullen chorus...not to mention the brilliant last 30 seconds of the track.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2010 when Born Ruffians put out their latest endeavor, Say It. "Oh Man," the first track, seems to have a a similar style as "I Need a Life." Steady, continuous bass; quick, fluid drums; stand-out guitar pushing the vocals to their peak. A decent first track. Unfortunately, the next track takes a turn for the worse. It has all the right elements, but they seem somehow disconnected. The vocals are stretched, out of breath, and dip too low.

"Sole Brother" is an interesting, honest, melodic take on having unwanted siblings, and it ends up being one of my favorite songs. The guitar runs are oddly beautiful, as are the vocals.

To be honest, the rest of the album ends up being somewhat of a letdown minus one or two tracks. It's filled with chaotic moments where vocals seem to compete with instruments instead of enhancing them. There's no doubt in my mind that these fellas are intensely talented. That being said, they seem to have a hard time focusing their creative energy into concise, tight tracks.

Album design:
The album design consists of paintings of faces, fragmented into several pieces laid upon each other. The colors are muted, yet pleasing. There isn't much more to the album concept except there are partial lyrics (portions of each song) inside. The album design seems to mirror the sound of Say It with its fragments, leaving me unsatisfied. 

(Disclaimer: This album was given to me for free by the people at 230 Publicity) 

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