Airy, beaming guitars and superheros.

First three adjectives that come to mind when listening to this album:

Three favorite songs on album:
I Don't Mind It
Runners up: Sheep, Ghost Solo

The Screaming Females give me a musical boner. The first time I ever heard them was a happy accident. The track was "I Don't Mind It." The airy, beaming guitar tugged at me. Why the fuck had I not heard of this band before?

Forming in 2006, the Screaming Females are a trio of exceedingly talented early 20-somethings. In the short span of four years, they've done more than I have in my lifetime—putting out over four records, while consistently improving their technique and style.

As for Castle Talk...this album is almost perfect. It ranges from cheerful highs and moody lows without losing the audience or veering away from their style. It's genuine, substantial and witty. These kids make a surprisingly rich sound with only 3 instruments (guitar, bass, drums). The style is slightly reminiscent of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs, minus their confidence but with a more down to earth vibe. The singer/guitarist, Marissa, is no wimp at the guitar. Her range and style pretty much kill me. Between the shredding, vocal/guitar multitasking, and her illustration skills, she borderlines on superhero status. The boys (Mike, bass; Jarrett, drums) aren't too rough either. They balance her raw power with their experience and precision.

Album design:
When Castle Talk arrived, I came to understand part of the DIY attitude of Screaming Females. The album design features Marissa's illustrations, which are pretty kick ass. All in all, the design completely mimics the sound of Castle Talk. It's bold and vibrant, yet friendly and intriguing.

(Disclaimer: This album was given to me for free by the people at Force Field PR)
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