An atmospheric serenade.

First three adjectives that come to mind when listening to this album:

Three favorite songs on album:
Slip Into Your Skin
The Storm
The Great Escape

Close to Paradise by Patrick Watson lulls me. It's a mixture of textures, oddly voiced instruments and rain clouds. Watson and company have created the perfect atmospheric music for Seattle, London and any individual of melancholy nature (myself included) that wishes to get laid (again, myself included).

This album contains similar elements to Iron & Wine (slow, beautiful, partially acoustic ballads), Timber Timbre (slightly eerie, still folksy), and perhaps a touch of Jeff Buckley (similar vocal styling). Still, nothing quite catches the fanciful sound that only Patrick Watson can create.

There's a touch of romanticism that comes with Close to Paradise. "Slip Into Your Skin" is a prime example of that, and its cascading sentiments of "Be the blanket for my bones / Be a place that I call home / Slipped into your skin and spent the night / ‘Cause I feel like a different man / I feel it when I’m with you" can woo even the hardest of characters.

All in all, this twinkling serenade is worthwhile. Even if you only listen to it on rainy days...or to get laid. Blogger tested, girlfriend approved.

Album design:
The album design matches the music tit for tat with its blurry, sepia images of model trains and an industrial complex set inside a glass bottle. It's just as mysterious and compelling as the album.

Next Up:
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