A rough ride with the Pixies.

First three adjectives that come to mind when listening to this album:
Acquired Taste

Three favorite songs on album:
"Ed Is Dead"
"I've Been Tired"
"Levitate Me"

Come On Pilgrim steams through me like a locomotive. It churns, screams, and trail blazes through and far beyond the mediocrity of its musical peers. It’s brash, loud, and feisty. The jagged lyrics forged with the impossible-to-ignore guitar riffs leave a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

Upon first listen, I am slightly put off. It's heavy, forceful and unapologetic...whining guitars, repetitive drumming, and lyrics seasoned with incest, despondence, death and disease. But, the more spins the record makes around my record player, the more the melodic tunes unfold into a tremendously brilliant debut record. 

The lyrics are rough and informal. They, like the music, bounce between stories and statements making the lyrics slightly hard to follow. It doesn't really matter though because they flow with the staccato nature of the music. Their shared lack of unity creates an unexpected cohesiveness. 

The most surprising factor of Come On Pilgrim was stand out songs like "Levitate Me" and "I've Been Tired" with their infectious melodic riffs. These tracks are addictive with their carefully crafted pop-punk sentiments. 

Like the review? Curious to hear some bits and pieces of what makes up the Pixies? Well, lucky you. Pixies frontman, Black Francis, is currently streaming his entire solo catalog on BlackFrancis.net. Check it out while you can.

Album design:
The entire vinyl case for Come On Pilgrim is beautifully done in a sepia tone. It features a man wrapped in a sheet. It has an uncanny vibe to it. I'd love to say that the massive amount of hair on the man's back doesn't weird me out, but it totally does.

One of my favorite parts of the design is the handwritten notes on the front and back of the album. The other bit that's interesting is the fact that Kim Deal went by the alias "Mrs. John Murphy." Another unexplained element that leaves you wondering and keeps you coming back for more.

Next Up:
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