First things first.

Obviously, there's a lot of music out right now. Too much. With the age of the internet upon us (Fuck, I'm getting old), music is everywhere. It's available on sites/apps like MySpace, YouTube, Pandora, CBC Radio3, iTunes and Last.fm. And those are just the basics.

I've gotten to the point where I'm overloaded with music. I buy albums and songs too frequently, thus making these pieces of audible art less valuable in the long run. I go through them within weeks, days or hours...not giving each project the time it deserves. When I was younger (I'm a child of the 80's, in case it comes up), whenever I bought an album I would go home put the album on, sit on the floor and pour over the liner notes multiple times. This doesn't happen anymore. Now, I just buy the album from iTunes and listen to it while taking the bus or at work. I don't spend the quality time with the album that I used to. This said, I've decided to create this blog to try and capture the joy and art of music again, instead of seeing it as something disposable.

Each week, I'm going purchase (or acquire—I'm poor, okay?) a new album, listen to it in it's entirety, focus on it, and then after a week I will post a review.

If you feel that there is an album I should give a try, please feel free to recommend it. I'm not going to guarantee that I will follow up on that suggestion, but if you're lucky, I might.

Lastly, I have no real qualifications for this except passion. I just thoroughly enjoy music. So, please, don't knock my reviews...keep an open mind, and if you disagree, say so...or start your own fucking blog.

Next up:
Johnny Cash, American VI: Ain't No Grave (2010)


  1. groovy idea - u interested in international music? cuz i've got some for ya. :o)

  2. Perhaps. What ya got?!